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    Behind The Skyline

    Behind the Skyline

    Behind the Skyline

    Here at Blenheim London, April marked the beginning of a new venture for our team, the design of our next timepiece, the Skyline...

    The first stage was deciding on the direction and concept for the skyline, we wanted something that would be loved by aviation enthusiasts and business wearers alike, we also wanted this watch to have some form of extra practical application in the real world. 

    This movement gave us a chance to work with a smaller footprint than usual, so we opted for a smooth, 34mm case with a 18mm lug width for women, 38mm case with a 18mm lug width for mens, mens also have dual time-zone function.

    While we had the notion to create a unique and iconic design for Blenheim, we didn’t want to stray too far from our roots, so we took some inspiration from elements of the original Pilot design, such as the luminous markers and the dial hands. This was to help build our brand and design consistency.